a Trial Attorney is Your Best Advocate…..

Many lawyers downplay the importance of being a former prosecutor in shaping one’s ability as a trial lawyer, but that is probably because they never were one.  Zach is a former prosecutor for the District Attorney’s Office in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. You name it, and he has been in a jury trial for it: Felony DUI, Robbery, Drug Trafficking, Murder, DUI Manslaughter etc. As a prosecutor, Zach was given many opportunities to go to jury trial and was exposed to the same types of cases repeatedly, thus increasing his knowledge and experience in a shorter amount of time. As a prosecutor, The Oklahoma City DUI Guy was diligent, dedicated and successful.  He has taken that experience and skill to help defend hundreds of people charged with DUI.

One of the Best Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers are a rare breed. Great trial lawyers are even rarer. The difference between a trial lawyer that is average and one that is great can be the difference in going home or going to prison.  Zach has been in over 35 felony jury trials in the last 6 years.  He has proven time and again that he has the desire and capability to win .

Contact Zach if you have been charged with:

  •    Felony DUI
  •    Misdemeanor DUI
  •    DWI
  •    Negligent Homicide
  •    DUI Manslaughter

Why Should You Hire a Trial Lawyer?

Trial lawyers make up a small percentage of lawyers in general, and most lawyers do not want to go to trial. Whether it is fear, lack of motivation or inability, the reality is that not all lawyers are capable of putting on a two week jury trial for Manslaughter and WINNING.  Many lawyers do not want to handle the pressure and the hard work and dedication that it takes to succeed in a jury trial.  The prosecution knows this, and they will often times offer better plea bargains than usual to a good trial lawyer if the facts of a case are not the best. Why? Because the prosecution doesn’t want to lose either. When they know that they might lose to a good trial lawyer with a reputation for winning, they will make an offer that defendants often times cannot refuse.

E. Zach Smith, The Oklahoma City DUI Guy possesses that reputation. Former peers in the DA’s office know Zach Smith’s level of skill. They know his success rate.  In the last 4 years, he has had 6 jury trial acquittals (jury found his clients NOT GUILTY) out of 11 jury trials.  These cases involved Manslaughter, Murder, and DUI, to name a few.  There are few lawyers in the State of Oklahoma that can boast such numbers.

Selecting the right criminal defense trial attorney is the most important decision you will ever make. You could spend years sitting in prison if you make the wrong choice, or you can return home to your family. Contact Zach Smith at (918) 582-2520.