Protecting the Rights of Clients Charged with Homicide

Maybe you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps you were defending yourself against someone threatening your life. Perhaps you didn’t do it but are being charged as an accessory. Charges of homicide have serious consequences and should never be put in the hands of an inexperienced attorney making promises he or she cannot keep. Search no further. Zach Smith The OKC DUI Guy can help you.

Appearances in District Court are in your future if you are facing charges of murder or manslaughter. Do not go at it alone. Do not stand alongside a rookie criminal defense lawyer lacking real trial experience. Contact Zach Smith at 918.582.2520.

The Insight and Experience of Former Prosecutors

With extensive experience in the Tulsa District Attorney’s office, E. Zach Smith The OKC DUI Guy can provide you with a level of representation that few other attorneys can provide. Our attorneys are aggressive. They know the law. Most importantly, they possess an in-depth knowledge of the opposing side’s methods in building a homicide case against you. That insight may be your most valuable asset if you are charged with:

  •     Felony Murder
  •     First Degree Murder
  •     Second Degree Murder
  •     Manslaughter
  •     Negligent Homicide

Accessory to Murder – A Much-Needed Advocate When Facing Homicide Charges

The OKC DUI Guy is a great negotiator but as always prepared to go to jury trial. He will look at all options and seek the best resolution to your homicide case. E. Zach Smith possesses the trial experience and success that few other attorneys can boast. Let The OKC DUI Guy be your dedicated and diligent advocate.