A Second DUI Conviction Could Send You to Prison

If you have already been convicted of a DUI, you have already experienced the punishments and personal embarrassment. A second DUI can happen, though, and it is not as uncommon as people may think. Insurance rates skyrocket, criminal fines became a part of your household budget, and your license may have been suspended or revoked.

Those consequences will seem minor if you are convicted a second time of DUI within ten years of your first conviction. The police refer to it as a DUI 2nd, but it is more commonly known in courts as a Felony DUI. It carries from 1 to 5 (1-5) years in prison for a first time felony. A Felony DUI case could mean prison time, even for a first-time felony, mandating that you secure a seasoned attorney. That attorney is The OKC DUI Guy.

A prosecutor will aggressively pursue a felony DUI conviction against you. A judge may want to put you in prison. You need to even the odds against you and protect your rights. Contact The OKC DUI Guy  at 918.582.2520.

Former Prosecutor on Your Felony DUI Case

The OKC DUI Guy started his career as a prosecutor in the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office. He prosecuted Felony DUI cases and actually went to jury trial on multiple occasions for them.  He was on the other side of the courtroom, diligently fighting for convictions. Today, he uses that insight in his practice of defending clients against aggressive prosecutors. The reality is that a Felony DUI is serious, and the thought of going to prison usually terrifies people. Let The OKC DUI Guy guide you through this tough time.

A Level of Advocacy That We Provide Clients Charged with Felony DUI

Probation is not always an option for a Felony DUI, especially if you have had numerous prior DUI arrests or a prior DUI conviction. If it is your second or third Felony DUI, probation is almost never granted. You will face punishment that involves prison. Your need for advocacy has never been greater than when you are facing time behind bars. The OKC DUI Guy will defend you and protect your rights.

Retaining our firm to represent you could mean the difference between you going to prison or going home.

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