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If you have been arrested for a DUI, call the Oklahoma City DUI Guy today. Time is of the essence, and you only have (15) days from the date of the arrest to protect your driving privileges. Contact Zach Smith at (918) 582-2520.
An Oklahoma City DUI Arrest Can Have a Permanent Impact on Your Life

The moment you see the flashing lights and hear the wailing siren of a police car, you know that your life may be forever changed. The testing to see if you are legally drunk is only the start. An arrest, a phone call home, and a court date brings fear, embarrassment and uncertainty of your future.

The OKC DUI Guy has devoted his entire practice to DUIs, and his current caseload is 99% DUI and DUI Manslaughter Defense.

Many DUI attorneys that handle DUI cases may tell you there is no use in fighting your case. Other attorneys may not even practice criminal law regularly and take these DUI cases because they want to simply help a friend. The reality is that these lawyers DO NOT focus primarily on DUI Defense day in and day out. This doesn’t even begin to discuss what they don’t know about the potential revocation of your driver’s license through DPS.

The OKC DUI Guy practice handles DUI cases every day. Many of these other lawyers think that just because you have been arrested for a DUI that there is very little hope of overcoming the prosecutor’s case or that you already have an automatic deal with a prosecutor that doesn’t change. Rest assured, the lawyer you hire can and does make a difference. If all lawyers were created equal, then you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Ask any lawyer you talk to how many DUI cases they have taken in the last two years. Ask them the last time they went to a jury trial or trial of any kind. If they cannot answer your question, you should consider hiring someone else.

Attention to Detail in Building Your Drunk Driving Defense

A drunk driving arrest does not mean automatic conviction and punishment. The OKC DUI Guy will pick apart every detail of your DUI case to build an effective drunk driving defense.

  • The OKC DUI Guy analyzes the reason for the traffic stop and the arrest. Were your rights violated? If so, he may file paperwork to have your case dismissed.
  • Did you take any Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFST)? The OKC DUI Guy is a certified instructor of SFST and can teach police officers how to perform them properly. He will examine whether or not they were correctly administered and whether the officer was properly trained. If not, your case could be dismissed.

Did you agree to take a breath test or blood test? Was the Intoxilyzer machine working properly? Was the blood properly drawn and preserved? If not, your case could be dismissed on any number of issues that may arise. The OKC DUI Guy requests administrative hearings with the Department of Public Safety and aggressively challenges the revocation of your driver’s license.

Contact the OKC DUI Guy

Time is of the essence in a DUI Case. You only have (15) days from the date of the arrest to protect your driving privileges. The OKC DUI Guy knows exactly how to handle your DPS case in addition to the criminal case against you.

The OKC DUI Guy will aggressively defend you and provide you with the information you need to know what a DUI is and how a potential conviction could impact your life. Contact OKC DUI Guy at 918.582.2520.