OKC DUI Expungment Lawyer

Has it been over ten years ago that you were arrested for a DUI, APC, or DWI? Was your DUI case dismissed within one year of it being filed? These are just a couple of reasons that you may be entitled to an expungement of your DUI record. In Oklahoma, your DUI record, or any other criminal arrest record for that matter, may still be accessible to the public, whether you were acquitted, were sentenced to probation, or even if the case was dismissed.

Expungements are simply the sealing of criminal records from public view, and for some people, a DUI on their record isnt a big deal. However, there are many more people out there that have gotten DUI convictions from years ago and are now finding that a DUI or other drunk-driving charge on their public record is a very big problem.

What Are Some Common Problems Of A Dui On Your Record?

Your Oklahoma DUI record can include information about your arrest, your detention, your bond, your arraignment, any pleas you may have entered, your probation, your convictions, and all of your trial history and sentencing information. The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS), 18 various Municipal Courts, and the State of Oklahomas District Courts all maintain your records of driving under the influence. Your DUI history, whether it is a conviction or not, is normally registered in both the State of Oklahoma criminal databases and DPS records for years after a conviction. This can cause a number of problems for a person who has been convicted of a DUI or alcohol-related arrest.

Who Can Access Your DUI, APC, Or DWI Records?

Your criminal record can be accessed by a number of persons or entities that may change their dealings with you based upon your past DUI arrest and/or conviction. DUI arrests and/or convictions can stay on a person’s criminal record permanently in many cases. Criminal DPS records can be accessed by various interested parties which can do serious harm to a person who has been convicted of a DUI. Current and prospective employers can access your criminal record and find out about any DUI arrests and convictions you may have had, even if it was 20 years ago. Some employers who find DUI records will choose not to hire you; your current employer may fire you, or otherwise restrict your employment opportunities.

Universities, colleges, vocational schools, military branches, and professional licensing agencies all access your criminal record when doing a background check on you. When a university accesses a person’s DUI records, they may choose not to accept them for a program or prohibit them from other opportunities. A DUI conviction from years ago may prevent you from getting into the Army or other branch of the military. If you are interested in getting into medical school or getting becoming a Registered Nurse (R.N.), a DUI conviction can prevent you form being accepted.

Your DUI record can also remain a part of your DPS record for years. Your DUI history can be accessed by insurance companies, thus causing a significant detriment to you. If your insurance company is able to view your DUI history, your insurance company can drastically increase your premiums, drop your coverage, or refuse to provide insurance to you altogether. DUI convictions can prevent a person from being able to obtain affordable automobile insurance or other insurance.

Who Is Eligible For A DUI Expungement?

Your DUI record can be expunged (sealed from public view) in certain situations. Your DUI record, regardless of what you have been told or heard, will not automatically disappear from your criminal record. However there are legal steps that we can take to seal your DUI arrest and/or conviction from public view. Oklahoma has its own laws regarding who is eligible for the expungement of their criminal record (Title 22 18). In most situations, your OKC DUI record can be expunged after you have fulfilled the conditions of your probation and completed all of your court ordered requirements. However, an expungement is not always automatic and must be requested via court petition.

If you have a DUI or other alcohol related charge on your record, and you want to get it expunged, contact the OKC DUI Guy. Zach Smith will be able to tell you if you are eligible for an expungement, and he knows exactly how to get your record sealed form public view. Call The OKC DUI Guy today.