Your Rights Are At Stake Following a Drug Arrest

Law enforcement officials make mistakes when it comes to investigating a possible drug crime. Overlooking the slightest detail may violate your constitutional rights. Investigating the drug charges against you is only the start of what our aggressive criminal defense attorneys provide by The OKC DUI Guy.

With experience in the Tulsa District Attorney’s office, you have found the right criminal defense attorney to handle your drug possession charges. Contact Zach Smith at 918.582.2520.

Staunch Protection of Your Rights

Informants, car stops, search warrants, and police surveillance play a part in drug possession investigations. Their goal is to build a strong case against you. Our job is to pick apart that work with facts and a focus on your rights. Informants can be unreliable. Illegal searches and seizures of you and your vehicle, illegal searches of your home, and overly aggressive investigations may violate your rights.

An Advocate That Combines Experience with Knowledge

Zach Smith The OKC DUI Guy not only brings diligence and dedication in investigating the drug charges against you, but also a thorough knowledge of the law. From the most general information to a contemporary awareness of drug schedules, we can build a strong case in your defense against serious criminal allegations.

When Addiction is a Factor

Sadly, drug possession charges involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or crystal meth often go hand-in-hand with substance abuse and addiction. Pre-trial diversion programs may be an option for you. Getting yourself the help you need can also show the courts that you are serious in turning around your life.