OKC DUI Guy Law Firm

If you have been arrested for a DUI, call the Oklahoma City DUI Guy today. Time is of the essence, and you only have (15) days from the date of the arrest to protect your driving privileges. Contact Zach Smith at (918) 582-2520.



Speak to No One Until You Talk to the DUI Guy

The right criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between prison time and freedom. Zach Smith went to work at the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office strait out of law school. Knowing how the attorneys at the other table operate can be the advantage you need.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, a guilty verdict is not the automatic next step. Contact Zach Smith an experienced criminal defense attorney at (918) 582-2520.


Too much is at stake when you go to jury trial in District Court without a seasoned trial lawyer experienced in that venue. That is what The Oklahoma City DUI Guy has provided our clients since we’ve been established.  Our criminal defense attorneys represent clients charged with first and second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide.

Gun Charges

A constitutional right to bear arms does not prevent an arrest on weapons charges. Many times, a charge of this nature is added to existing allegations, making the penalties more severe. You do have rights. Most importantly, you have options. Do not be quick to negotiate a plea until you contact us.

White Collar Crime

Even though white-collar crimes do not involve violence, you could still face serious penalties if found guilty in federal court. Seeking the right criminal defense trial lawyer with experience at that level ends at our firm. We defend the rights of our clients when the U.S. Attorney’s Office charges them with money laundering, conspiracy, credit card fraud, identity theft, counterfeiting and racketeering.